March 10, 2018

The Gutter cleaning and repairing work, at The Himalaya CHS, Ghatkopar (W) Mumbai

The Gutter filling work completed on 31st, April.  As  on  4th, May,  2018,  the road  is clean, with out  debris, mud  and stones.

The Gutter near the 'A' building leading to gutter in the back yard of 'Tirushree building' is under repair. (15-03-2018)

                                                                17th, March, 2018
              Shri. Paramanand chandavarkar is watching the work !  17th March, 2018    
As on 27th March, 2018 

                                                            As on 29th March 2018

                                                                   As on 29th March 2018

                                             Gutter work  as on 23rd, April, 2018 
Jack fruit tree is there, There are jack fruits but the members of the colony will never get them. Thieves snatch away all those fruits.