May 18, 2017

एक शाम श्री. रामसींग मेहता (निवृत लेफ्टिनेंट /Lieutenant) परिवार के साथ !

 एक शाम श्री. रामसींग मेहता ( निवृत लेफ्टिनेंट /Lieutenant) परिवार के साथ !

Shri, Ram Singh with Shri.Venkatesh

Shri. Ram singh mehta,  (5', 7") born in :  (08-03-1929)

Shri. Ram sigh, was  born in Jarti, Uttarakhand, Bhageshwar,  Father Shri. Daulat singh, Mother, Smt. Gauri devi.  Father was a farmer.  6  sons and  one  daughter. Shri. Ramsingh, was the 4th child.  In  1949, at the age of 20years, he completed 12th, standard.  Shri  Singh, went to Cochin for  getting training in a ship. 

Mostly, the people from U.P (Later it became Uttaranchal and now, Uttarakhand) were joining in Army. Shri. Ramsingh, was the first  young  man to came out from his town, and start his career in navy.  He joined  INS Angre ship in Mumbai. He worked in Navy stores division, as Lieutenants  for 33 years,  in various departments,  and retired in 1982. He worked as the head of catering service.  Shri Singh, got married to Devaki devi.  Ram singh, has  3 sons and one daughter. 

1.  The first  one is the in-charge of Shipping co. in-charge of  a pvt co. at Dubai. 

2. Second one is a girl, who  is an Airhostess in Gulf airlines. 

3.  Third son is Shri. Nandan C.Mehta, is  MBA, and wkg in a pvt co. as vice president. 

4. Trilok singh mehta. Capt, of merchant navy in Singapore. 

Shri. Ram singh, purchased an apartment, at Himalay parvatiya  Co-operative society.  in 1952 A,B,C buildings were ready.  He Came to stay in 1982.   Ramsigh's initial education was done in his native place. He studied up to 12th, standard. 

Worked as the head of Catering service in Naval ship :

He joined Naval force. He was working in Supplies. Catering department. 

                                              2017 :   

 Now, Shri. Singh is  89 years young  (!) , and walks straight in the Joggers' park. He is always friendly with all the Joggers who come to The Himalay Joggers' park daily.

                        We wish him sound health, and peace of mind !

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