November 12, 2018

We daily meet Shri. Moreji; but we have yet to know him !

Three generation of Mores' have been in the Swatantrata  Andolan !

  Shri. More took part in the Satyagrah, with Mahatma Gandhiji  came to Bombay

Portrait of Moreji, is on the wall of the hall
One road in Central Bombay, is named after Sr.Moreji
A grand function of the naming ceremony of the Road was organised.

                                                  Shri. Babu rao, Dasharath more (Third generation of Mores)
                                               Bhagawadgita, is his favorite book
                                                                 Smt/Shri. Moreji

November 3, 2018

Some of the nice pictures from my Camera (2018)

Shri. Moreji, Media engineer, with his family.

                                                              Shri. Moreji and family

श्री जगदीश तिवारीजी और उनके पोते, ची. प्रत्युष  . 

                                                                 Part time watchman
                                                                     Kalpen Joshi

                                                       A lovely child watching ?!