December 25, 2018

2018, The year it was !

Smt. Narendra singh, Shri. Narendra singh, Chi. Aarika &  Chi.Anika. at Himalaya Joggers' park, Himalaya CHS, Ghatkopar west, Mumbai-400084

Chi. Naresh Bhanushali, a promising young mind, has several good attributes to his credit. Although he is a businessman, (He has Journalism degree to his credit)  his views of the happenings around are quite different.
               Always he will be in the fore front, and has got leadership qualities.
                   Venkatesh, is one among many, who comes to Himalaya Joggers' park daily.
Chi. Sahil and his friend
Shri.Tiwariji, Sahil, and play shuttle badminton in the evenings.

Shri. Dadaji
                                                 Shri. Purushottam bhai with his father.
                            Dadaji with Shri. Gayakvadji, & Son, Shri. Purushottam bhai

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